Thursday, February 9, 2012

Free Nokia Mobile Tracker Software

When you are still before your Nokia phone is already stolen or lost, it’s time to install some tracking software to your mobile device. There is a lot of suitable software on the internet. They allow you to track your Nokia as a moving dot on a map. Of course, your handset must be GPS-enabled. All you have to do is to sign up with one of trackers and get a free account.

Once you have registered, you install a small application program on your Nokia mobile phone. When you run the application, it periodically sends your GPS coordinates to their servers. Login to your account to see the current location of your phone on an interactive Google map.

And then you can do many and many things:

  • Track your GPS-enabled Nokia phone in real-time online
  • Get access to the last 30 days of location data
  • Track your trips and journeys
  • Share the trips with your family and friends
  • Set alerts for particular regions
  • Capture and comment on particular locations of your trip (in real-time) directly from your mobile device
  • Import and save trips to Google Earth to visualize them in 3D and more
  • Export stored data in a variety of formats
  • And many more
The most popular free GPS trackers for Nokia cell phone are InstaMapper, Buddyway, and Google Latitude. Also, there are many other good examples of tracking software on the internet. So, if your Nokia phone is not stolen or lost yet, do something to protect it.